MONDAYS through JUNE 23

Class 6:00-7:30 / Composition 7:30-8:30

Gisela Creus is facilitating a weekly adult class and composition lab at Jump! Dance Company from January 7-June 23.

Jump! Dance Company will offer opportunities to show the creative work of the composition lab through performance events in spring 2019. The composition class will present work under the name “Contemporary Dance Ensemble.”

Photo by Clara Bes

Photo by Clara Bes


Class + Composition ($60/month, includes performance opportunities)

Class Only ($15 drop-in or $40/month)

Composition Only ($40/month, includes performance opportunities)

Payments must be made on first class of the month by check or cash.

Email to reserve your spot before April 28th.

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Class and Composition Lab Descriptions:

Class begins with a set sequence of continuous stretches and articulate movements of the spine and limbs that will allow us to connect with ourselves, our body and its center.We will place focus on breathing to help us warm up, energize and tone the muscles and joints as well as to open awareness of the balanced body and its/our presence in the space. In continuance, we will explore a succession of moves and some traveling exercises to challenge the body to be available and efficient in relationship to one another’s. We will put into action a dynamic-high-energy dance phrase that encompass floor work, technical sequencing and acrobatic body vocabulary, all of which I have acquired through my years of contemporary dance work in Europe. Gisela is a creative who uses improvisation and explorative formations so the body can articulate one’s sense of character. Her classes always have the aim of growing one’s individual voice through movement in order to share it with others.

The Composition session will allow the participants to explore and develop their own physical language and to enter the process of creating dance and movement compositions both individually and in a group. Participants will have the opportunity to ‘deepen’ towards the three stages of creating dance- creative process, editing, and performing.